Ants are one of the most common nuisance pests throughout South Jersey, Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley and can enter your home from almost anywhere. They typically seek sources of water and sweeter foods, with kitchens as the most likely place where an ant infestation will first be noticed.

Ants are communal creatures, so if you see one there will always be hundreds if not thousands nearby – if not already inside your home.

One of the best ways to keep the ants away from your home or business is to take a proactive approach by working with a pest management professional to identify potential problem areas and schedule regular treatments, before they enter your home.

Most of the non-professional extermination approaches available only kill a colony’s “spy ants,” which does little more than warn the colony and causes them to entrenches even deeper. A professional treatment will include remedies that are designed to be carried back to the colony by “spy ants” and others which may come into contact with the treatment. Getting the ants to carry the necessary products back to the heart of the colony is the only way to truly eliminate an ant colony.