Rodent Control

Have you seen rodents, such as rats and mice, around your home or business? Trust All Pest to diagnose and treat your infestation.

Rodents – especially rats – can be aggressive, tenacious and are masters at finding creative places to hide. They are wild, desperate to gain access to shelter and food and not hesitant to compete with homeowners in any way for the resources they need. Rodents found throughout the South Jersey and Pennsylvania region have a remarkable ability to adapt and are difficult to eradicate without the proper tools and experience.

Their activities can quickly damage homes and businesses, thanks to their constant gnawing and burrowing. They can also easily contaminate food and spread diseases to people and pets the come in contact with.


Locating, trapping and removing rodents

We have extensive experience identifying, locating and permanently removing mice, rats and rodents that invade homes or other structures looking for food and shelter.

Utilizing a variety of approaches, from setting rodent traps in strategic areas of attics and crawlspaces and configuring traps at the exterior perimeter of structures to repairing and sealing rodent access points, our specialists are focused on eliminating your rodent problem and making it tougher for rodents to gain access in the future.

Why choose All Pest for your rodent problems in South Jersey and Pennsylvania?

  1. FREE Estimates, weekend emergency services & 100% satisfaction guarantee
  2. Safe, environmentally responsible, integrated bed bug control and management for your home and business.
  3. Rodent treatment solutions that are safe for children and pets
  4. Fully licensed, insured and registered with the Department of Environmental Protection Agency

Rodent inspection and treatment from local experts you can trust

We were founded in the Delaware Valley and all of our employees live and work in South Jersey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, which is why we’re committed to doing the job right – the first time. We stand by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee and do everything possible to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. At All Pest, you’re not only our customers, you’re also our neighbors.