Termite Inspection, Prevention and Treatment

Do you have termites? All Pest has the termite inspection, prevention and treatment experience you need.

If you suspect you have termites, waiting to act can mean costly repairs down the line – much of it uninsured. Termites can and will eat away anything made of wood or organic materials, including wooden structures throughout like doors and window frames. The damage caused by termites is capable of weakening the structural stability of your home.

At All Pest, we offer the latest and safest options in termite prevention, termite control and termite treatments for our customers in South Jersey and South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Serving customers for over twenty years, we have the extensive termite control experience that you can count on to accurately inspect and treat your termite problem.


Inspecting and treating termites

Not sure if you have termites? Schedule an appointment to have us investigate. During an initial consultation, our termite specialists can determine whether termite colonies are present in your home or business. If they are, we’ll identify the extent of the problem and recommend an appropriate treatment plan for your specific situation. Our environmentally safe termite treatments are designed to destroy existing termite colonies and stop future termite infestations with effective preventative methods.

Whether you’re a current homeowner who thinks they may have termites, someone who is purchasing or selling a new home, a builder seeking pre-construction treatment or a business owner who wants to focus on their customers, not termites, we’re not satisfied until your situation is resolved.

termitesFive reasons to choose All Pest for termite treatment in South Jersey and Pennsylvania

  1. FREE Estimates, weekend emergency services & 100% satisfaction guarantee
  2. Safe, environmentally responsible, integrated termite control and management for your home and business.
  3. Termite treatment solutions that are safe for children and pets
  4. Pre-construction termite treatments and soil treatments available
  5. Fully licensed, insured and registered with the Department of Environmental Protection Agency

Termite inspection and treatment from local experts you can trust

We were founded in the Delaware Valley and all of our employees live and work in South Jersey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, which is why we’re committed to doing the job right – the first time. We stand by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee and do everything possible to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. At All Pest, you’re not only our customers, you’re also our neighbors.